The Formula One Mind

Fathers Love Letter


“My son, I’m giving you the ball and naming you scrum-half for your team in the game of life. I’ve seen your coach, so I’m giving it to you straight. There is only one game to play. It lasts all your life, with no time out, no substitutions, You’ll have a great back-line and fullback. Their names are Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Peace and Commitment.

Your forwards are a powerful pack, too. They are Honesty, Loyalty and Duty; Self-respect and Discipline; Dignity and Courage; and Enthusiasm.

God is the referee and sole official. He makes all the rules. Some call them the Ten Commandments. Play according to them. Try to help your teammates do the same.

So: here is the ball. It is called your soul. Pick it up and run with it, and let’s see what you can do. Remember, don’t go offside, and don’t kick away…

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