Being Alive


As Roma settled down with her tea and snacks in college canteen, she found herself striving with a concoction of thoughts of those of anxiety and apprehension and the bothering had crept due to participation in the Intercollege Talent Fest which was approaching in about fifteen days. Roma who was distinct in writing, had given her name for the oratory event of declamation in addition to writing competition. Though a conscientious and diligent student that she was, Roma was under confident due to her concerns of fluency in spoken English which she had assumed to be of mediocre level. Engrossed in thoughtfulness, she was soon joined in by Jay and Shikha, her two friends, who were actually behind her unwilling participation so as to help her overcome her undue fears. The two informed her that the fest allowed single participant per event from every college.

Days passed by, and Roma…

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